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Namaskar Wellness Hub

40 Mulbarton Road

Lonehill, Gauteng

South Africa


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Media & Testimonials




Natalie Sequeira2021. I have wanted to do hypnotherapy for the longest time, but could never find anyone who resonated with me until I came across Cheryl from Inner Reach Hypnotherapy. Her story spoke to me and I knew I had found someone I could trust in taking me through my hypnotherapy sessions and I was right! Cheryl is a beautiful soul who genuinely cares for her clients and their needs. I am enjoying my sessions with her immensely. Natalie

Michelle van Schalkwyk2021. Thank you so much Cheryl for the amazing difference you have made in my life! I have only done 2 sessions but I can most definitely see the change in the way I have been handling the massive challenges I have been facing. I would most definitely recommend this to all I know!

Psychic Jade Anne Kriel Astro-Tarot2021. Cheryl has been a constant source of guidance and support to me. I learned how to face my inner demons and make peace with issues from my past to reclaim my power.


Shelley Steyn2021. I have never tried hypnotherapy before and was very impressed with the difference it made in my life, helping me resolve some issues and move forward in a positive direction. Cheryl is a wonderful therapist who put me at ease immediately. I highly recommend her services.

Aniesa Ally2021. I had never experienced hypnotherapy before my session with Cheryl but her support and caring nature really put me at ease. The session I had with her really helped me to review the issue and give me a new perspective on what I needed to move forward.

Faze Painful2021. I highly recommend Cheryl for hypnotherapy, I have never done anything like this before in my life but i was willing to try as I have tried everything in my life. She made me feel safe and comfortable to just talk and open up. I really feel amazing after i have done this session, I will go back and do it again if i have to. All I can say is Thank you Cheryl you are truly a miracle worker.

Yolandi Cillié2021. As a 40 year old divorced mother of 1, I’ve never been able to forgive myself for past failures and disappointments. Self love, self acceptance and forgiveness has been the biggest mountain in my life. I contacted Cheryl, as I’m on a new journey to grow emotionally and become the person I’ve always wanted to be. The person worthy of love. Cheryl took the time to listen, acknowledge and offer reinsurance. My session with her has made me take a step back and realize that I am worthy of everything I’ve been longing for. I am allowed to take some me time and not feel guilty about it. The session with Cheryl was exactly what I needed to take the next step in a career that I’ve been putting off for reasons mentioned above. I have to mention that on my spiritual journey I’ve read up alot about people connecting on different spiritual levels. In our session, the most amazing mind blowing spiritual connection happened. It was a cloudy and rainy Saturday. No sun in sight. In one part of the session, Cheryl mentioned that I must feel the warm rays of the sun, shining on me…. believe it or not, my whole body felt the warmth of the sun on that very cold Saturday. I could feel it and “see” it. Once our session was over, I asked Cheryl if the sun at any time during our session came out, and, once again, believe it or not, it came out for those few seconds. I knew, at that moment, that she connected with me on a different level. I’ve never connected with someone like that. She is amazing. I walked out of our session, knowing, for the 1st time, that my life will never be the same. I’m “lighter”, happier and totally at peace with myself. Cheryl, you have changed my life in ways I can’t even express. Thank you! May the Universe bless you abundantly. xxx